“There won’t be a relationship in this life anymore” Anutin announced to cut off the relationship for 10 years.


Today (27 February), Deputy Prime Minister Anutin Charnvirakul and the Minister of Public Health (Sor.Phor.) as the leader of the Bhumjaithai Party Giving an interview in the case of Chuwit Kamolwisit revealing that Anutin had previously offered 50 million baht to help campaign for the Bhumjaithai Party in Bangkok. Anutin laughed and said that he did not know what to clarify. because it never happened Was it just Chuwit’s imagination or not? Ready to confirm that he had never done that, and the 50 million baht was never offered.


Anutin admitted that he and Chuvit had known each other for more than 10 years, mostly to encourage each other. There was never anything contradictory. and never anything that would lead to controversy Which he still can’t figure out why this kind of event happened I don’t want to care And understand that Chuwit must have something to do with someone who used to be called a friend.


“Father and son are friends. In a foreign country, I take care of my children, including Chuvit’s children. I’d rather keep the good memories. Because with this way of life, this life would not have to be associated with each other anymore. They will remember the good things so they don’t have to think about the bad things for each other, ”Anutin said.


Anutin also said that Going back to build relationships and connect together would be difficult. Because it’s not about himself and Chuwit. But it’s about the Bhumjaithai Party. It’s a matter of self-respect. If something like this happened, it would be embarrassing. And it will be considered that on the days that are still good, they are still good to each other all the time. At the same time, he saw that when speaking, he had to speak with complete truth.


Anutin confirmed that he had never called Chuwit before. While Berchuvit calls, it’s ‘No Caller ID’, an anonymous number. until he realized that the number he called was Chuwit’s number and would call back every time Whoever calls, will call back every time. and the latest 2 weeks ago Chuwit called and still encouraged himself to work in the Bangkok area and told Chuwit back that if there was anything I could help, I would be happy to help. But admitted that there was talk about this election actually. but did not go into detail Because this election, the Bhumjaithai Party has Puttipong Punnakanta as the commander of the Bangkok army, it remains only to come and eat.


Anutin said When Chuwit revealed Du Hao’s affairs, he also phoned to cheer him up. But he could not imagine that goodwill would be transformed into another matter. Like people who don’t know each other so quickly, in fact, this week there will be a meeting to eat together. But probably didn’t make an appointment, probably didn’t have one, and probably didn’t eat any more.


Anutin also mentioned the case when officials from the Ministry of Public Health raided a marijuana bar that rented space in Chuwit’s hotel. He did not know that the Ministry of Public Health sent people. And it’s not their own habits. In addition, at this time, I began to release regular jobs in the ministry because in another 2 weeks, the age of this government would be over. and will only be acting ministers and know how to act start packing in the office may not have time to work in the ministry


When a reporter asked if anyone was willing to order people to search Anutin confirmed that he did not know. And people in the Ministry of Public Health have worked together for 4 years. They know their working style that they don’t need people to please Because the more people come to please, it will waste a lot of time with them. He mainly adheres to work. Searching the store was certainly not his own command. because this matter is not considered to have to be repaid It wasn’t someone who had that kind of character from time immemorial. Those who know themselves well know If he did it, Chuvit would never have to hit the snake and break his back. Or go do it to make a symbol, definitely not. Do it and you must see results. Clearly saw wrong and right


Anutin also concluded that I have nothing to say to Chuvit. Because we probably have nothing to do with each other. Let each person live their best life in their own way. If tomorrow, if Chuwit goes to visit the Government House, he won’t come out. no need and not a duty

The post “We don’t have to be in a relationship anymore in this life” Anuthin announces to cut off relationship for 10 years.


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