There is NO Dragon Ball anime in production, says one of the directors of Super Hero


For many months there have been rumors from multiple insiders that pointed to an exciting reality: there were two “Dragon Ball” Anime in the planning, one of an unknown nature (but it was going to be streaming only although with better production values ​​than “Dragon Ball Heroes”), and another that would eventually be “Dragon Ball Super 2”. well now a director of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” has spoken to settle all these rumors in the worst possible way.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
Chikashi Kubota Shaped Super Hero’s Spectacular 2D Intro

The Dragon Ball Anime looks like it won’t be coming back anytime soon

Then I leave you with what he has explained chikashi kubotaanimation director of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”, about why we would do well to forget that a “Dragon Ball” Anime is coming soon (via DBSChronicles, ten3_1):

  • Basically, Chikashi Kubota has strongly denied that there is a Dragon Ball Anime project currently in production. 😱
  • Not only that, Kubota-san adds that if he had the knowledge that there was going to be one, would have delayed or refused to participate in other projects of which it will take part soon, such as the third season of the One Punch Man Anime. 😮
  • Obviously, the fact that there is currently no Dragon Ball Anime in production does not mean that this cannot start throughout this 2023, but of course that First of all, it is a blow to all those rumors that had gained strength in recent months.. 🥶

Honestly: this is a very hard blow for those of us who want to see the return of the “Dragon Ball” Anime in one way or another. for months, insiders who have actually shown to have inside sources related to “Dragon Ball” projects have defended the existence of the two projects of which I have spoken at the beginning of the article, but when the information comes out of the lion’s den…

Despite this, the same DBSChronicles reaffirms its sources saying that this 2023 we will hear something about the return of the Anime. Obviously it would not be the first time that someone directly involved denies the existence of a project that later ends up existing, but with the time that the “Dragon Ball” community has been pursuing the return of the Anime, these words are hard to read.

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