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by Enrico Toro, Director of Product Marketing, Xbox Game Pass

We’re always looking for ways to give players more options to discover and experience their favorite games with family and friends. Today, Xbox gamers in Chile, Hungary, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa and Sweden they will be able to join a plan that will allow them to share the benefits of Game Pass Ultimate with up to five friends and family. These countries join players already participating in the scheme in Colombia and Ireland.

This plan makes it even easier to enjoy Game Pass games with friends and family on console, PC.

Play at the same time on multiple devices, even play the same title at the same time. Each member will be able to enjoy the Game Pass Ultimate library that has more than a hundred Titles on console or PC.

Add up to four people to your membership, each with their own unique access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games, content, and benefits.

What you should know about this plan:

  • The people you share your membership with must live in the same country as you.
  • When you join this plan, the remaining time of your membership will be converted to the new plan, based on the monetary value of the old membership. For example, a whole month of Ultimate will become 18 days of subscription to this plan. This way, you won’t lose any of the remaining value on your existing subscription. The conversion is final and users will need to wait for their new membership to expire before they can switch back to their old membership.
  • Conversion is not available to members of invited groups. Before joining a group, a team member can cancel their existing subscription or wait for it to expire. If they don’t have a Microsoft account, invited friends and family will need to create a new Microsoft account and sign in to participate.
  • Members with Xbox All Access* (in countries that have the service enabled) will not be able to participate in this plan.

To join the plan in available countries, visit this league. If you want to know more details about the price and availability in your country, click here.

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