youSusan Bennett Owner of the original sound of Siri A famous feature that stays with the camp Apple For a long time, she admitted that she had no idea that her voice would be used. Plus, her voice became the most heard of all time. Saying that whoever it is, there must be some confusion.


I didn’t know it would become a Siri voice.

Originally, Susan had been working as a voice actress since 2005, but who knew that from a normal voice actress, she unexpectedly got a big job? During that time She is working as a commercial voice actor in a studio in Atlanta. But instead of having voiceovers for the actors Instead, she had to record for a software production company which decided to cast her because of her non-accented way of speaking.


In addition, at the time of recording it Susan also revealed that at first She assumed that her voice would only be used as an answering tone when making or receiving calls automatically. But the strange thing was that she had to say strange phrases such as sentences “cow hoist in the tug hut today” for the company ScanSoft or Nuance Now it can be fully integrated into the English audio. In addition, she still has to record at home for up to 4 hours a day. and must do it 5 consecutive days a week for a full month Which she revealed that it was something that was very tiring.


Surprisingly, it wasn’t until Susan learned that her voice had been transcribed into Siri’s voice that her fellow voice actors tried it out. iPhone New machine and remember that this is the sound of our friend? It had been more than 6 years since then, and since she wasn’t contracted or paid directly by Apple, she took the opportunity to promote herself. Which is considered fortunate that it made her get many more jobs.

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