The Vespa strip is starting after Tg1, it starts with Meloni


ROME, FEBRUARY 26 – The new strip by Bruno Vespa starts tomorrow and will be called ‘5 minutes’, which every evening, from Monday to Friday, after the 8 pm Tg1, will tell Italy to viewers of the first Rai network. “We start with Giorgia Meloni because traditionally when I start a new program I always invite the Prime Minister – explains the host to ANSA -. I was very impressed by his visit to Kiev, because I think it strengthened the political perspective of support for Ukraine. I would like all the leaders to pay a visit to Ukraine, because certain things have to be touched by hand: when you see them up close, you certainly won’t be indifferent. Giuseppe Conte will come next week and with Stefano Bonaccini, if he is elected secretary of the Democratic Party, we have an appointment a little further on ”. The program will be filmed in a corner of the Porta a Porta studio. “The construction of the program is totally free – adds the conductor -. There will be some images to introduce the guest or the theme of the evening, but for the rest each episode will start with a blank sheet: no limitation, except that of time. It will be a totally flexible formula”. “It’s an important challenge – he underlines again -. I do everything as if it were the first day, never sit down and never imagine doing anything without the right commitment and the right risk assessment. It’s a great opportunity, also because the strip was conducted by important colleagues such as Biagi, Ferrara or Battista”. “Everyone in the company knows – continues Vespa – that there is an imbalance in the insights in Rai, also because – with the exception of TG2 Post – the only moderate voice is placed in the late evening. That there is also a moderate voice in a segment of prime time, but bipartisan in the allocation of times and spaces, seems to me a way to guarantee rebalancing and pluralism”. (HANDLE).


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