Ostia – It didn’t keep us waiting the response of the citizens of the tenth municipality to the appeal launched by the Civil Protection The Angels of Aciliawhich in recent days has collected, in collaboration with the Todis supermarkets in the area, basic necessities for people affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria (read here).

Even if only with a jar or a packet of biscuits, in manysay the volunteers, they wanted to contribute: even Italian families in difficulty.

From pasta to milk for newborns, in these days we have collected everything and more – explain the “Angels” -. Thousands of basic necessities that will serve to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the earthquake and no longer have a roof over their heads. We thank all the 10th Town Hall for their big heart and Giovanni Capobianco, president of the Todis group, who has made six of his supermarkets available to us for collection”.

Now, the basic necessities donated generously by the citizens of the area will leave for Syria and Turkey, where they will bring some refreshment to thousands of families in difficulty.

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