Designed to be comfortable to view, this paper-like display is better than the old one and has a new tablet to call its home.

TCL extension

TCL has announced a new tablet that makes use of the company’s updated NXTPAPER technology. Say hello to the TCL NXTPAPER 11.

The NXTPAPER 11 is based on the NXTPAPER 2.0 technology that was announced by TCL as part of the ongoing Mobile World Congress event. That event is currently underway in Barcelona, ​​with TCL announcing a handful of new products. The NXTPAPER 11 is perhaps the most interesting thanks to that paper-like display, however.

TCL’s press release says that the 11-inch NXTPAPER 11 (see where the name came from?) will feature a 2K display and promises buyers top-quality visuals. Those visuals will be boosted by AI, we’re told, so everything looks nice and crisp on-screen. There’s talk of an immersive entertainment experience as well, so that sounds promising.

The NXTPAPER 11 isn’t all about fun, though. TCL is keen to point out that there are plenty of productivity features going on here, too. Those features include an 8-megapixel front-facing wide-angle camera as well as quad speakers and dual microphones. It isn’t explicitly mentioned, but it’s clear from the text that TCL really wants people to use the NXTPAPER 11 as some sort of video-calling machine.

This being a paper-like display, reading was always going to get a mention. TCL says that readers will enjoy being able to read on a display that also lets them take notes thanks to a low-latency T-pen stylus. There’s also a special reading mode that TCL believes will mimic the specific grayscale effect of a paper book.

The tablet itself will go on sale in some regions starting in May 2023 with prices starting at $249. For that, you’ll get an 8,000mAh battery and a tablet that weighs 462g, so a little more than a pound, Engadget points out.

Other announcements include the TCL TAB 11, which is another 11-inch tablet. This one will start at $179 although there will also be an LTE version available should that be something you’re interested in. That won’t have the NXTPAPER display though, so keep that in mind if being kind to your eyes is a priority.


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