The long-awaited premiere of the dubbing for Spain of Chainsaw Manone of the most outstanding series of the last autumn season has already premiered in crunchyroll.

Under these lines you will find the cast of the first episode and the production team of the adaptation.


  • joel gomez as Denji
  • Sarah Iglesias as Makima
  • Salvi Garrido as here
  • Maria Luisa Marciel as power
  • Grace Committee as pochita

Cast Episode 1:

  • Antonio Plain as Yakuza Boss
  • Elena of Maeztu as Zombie Demon
  • Jose Meco as Yakuza
  • Martha Argota as denji kid

Additional Voices:

  • paul irles
  • Ricky Delgado


  • Dubbing Direction: Salvador Garrido
  • Project Manager: eva garcia
  • ADR scriptwriter: Salvador Garrido
  • Recording Engineer: Carlos Beiro
  • Sound Mix: Ricardo Suarez
  • Study: Trans Perfect Studios

Denji is a teenager who lives with a chainsaw demon named Pochita. Due to the debt left behind by his father, he has been living a life on the rocks as he pays off his debt by collecting demon corpses with Pochita.

One day, Denji is betrayed and killed. As his consciousness fades, he makes a contract with Pochita and revives as “Chainsaw Man”, a man with a devil’s heart.


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