The referee blew The deadly rugby battle has begun! BLOOD BOWL 3 IS OFFICIALLY AVAILABLE NOW!


The referee blew and let’s start! BLOOD BOWL 3 IS OFFICIALLY AVAILABLE NOW!

Lesquin, February 23, 2023Cyanide Studio French game development studio and publisher. NACON announcement for sale Blood Bowl 3 official on PC, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

Watch the official trailer here.

Blood Bowl 3 is a video game adaptation of a board game. Now updated with new features from the legendary board game. It retains all its quirky humor and will appeal to fans of turn-based strategy games. Turn-based In a fantasy football game!

Campaign mode full of humor and parodies.

Don’t be afraid to stand up against six Trainers who want to crush you in the new campaign mode. Does their sponsor look familiar? They should be… This mode brings a new twist to the world of Blood Bowl while retaining the comedic spirit of the franchise.

Let’s fight! Of course, on the field

Just as much love has been put into the online mode and PvP matches, it’s bigger than ever! With brand new racers and various game modes add to the new experience.

While waiting in Season 1, you can play quick matches against selected opponents of the same level through the matchmaking system. And you can also create your own tournaments with tournaments managed by gamers themselves.

Show your style of play on the field.

Blood Bowl 3 There are tons of customization options that bring the in-game experience to life. From team colors to player and cheerleader gear items. Everyone can create their own team with all the options available.

There is always an opponent ready to crush every season!

for the first time Blood Bowl 3 will introduce a season system for the player community This format encourages competition and offers new content as part of the Blood Pass. A new season starts every three months, adding new factions and new Blood Pass. As you progress through the game, you can climb up to 50 levels of the Blood Pass and unlock them. Lock rewards and new factions of the current season after reaching the final level. These seasons are also an opportunity to improve the game as they add new features and prevent players from having a chance to rest on top!


Blood Bowl 3 is available now on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One for Nintendo SwitchTM, with releases to follow.

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