On February 27, the past Japan’s Hyogo Prefectural Police reportedly arrested a 30-year-old unemployed man.Convicted of stealing Chainsaw Man manga from a bookstore

chainsaw man

By the way, the police said that this man hadSteal the Chainsaw Man manga from volumes 1-13 from a bookstore.One in Kakogawa city after 18 pm on February 18, the past. and triggered a burglar alarm.The store employee examined the CCTV footage and saw the man put the manga in his pocket and fled.

The unemployed 30-year-old confessed that he actually stole the manga. and intends to sell second-hand bookstores in order to use the money to survive day to day life

chainsaw man

The reason why this villain confessed makes Japanese netizens unable to compare thatThis man’s life is as miserable as Denji’s early Chainsaw Man debt. They had to sell their organs and do odd jobs to survive day by day.

“This is the real denji?”

“This is the Denji that didn’t become the Chainsaw Man, right?”

“13 manga volumes for 6,336 yen (1,635 baht), second-hand for only 1,735 yen (448 baht).”

“Very funny. This guy sells manga at a second-hand bookstore. Then on the 27th he came back to sell at this shop again, so he got caught.”

“I wonder if he watched the anime and thought the manga would sell well.”

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