The prime minister urged the chief of police to sweep his own house. invoke public confidence Again, wicked people are everywhere. How can I make it better or get rid of it?


Today (February 27) at the National Police Office, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Said after chairing the 2nd meeting of the Police Service Commission (Kor.Tor.)

General Prayut said that He assigned Pol. Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat to The National Police Commissioner (Chief of Police) announces the results of the meeting. because every matter has rules and procedures Both the matter of the Act (The Act), the police, the Ministerial Regulations, the SEC has everything. which today we have talked about and ordered the commander in chief to sweep his own house in order to gain credibility which must be fair to the police as well Now the allegations It takes time to investigate and expand the results.

“I have reiterated that I wish for justice. If it’s wrong, it’s said that according to the evidence, there are many channels. Also, let’s see that some things can’t be done quickly. because it must comply with the law Many things are not the only duty of the police. because there are many related agencies that jointly investigate no matter what case he complained about must be fair Because there are more than 99% of good government officials. Bad people are everywhere. But how to make him better? Or it must be eliminated, ”said Gen. Prayut.

At the end, the Prime Minister thanked the media and added that Good mood, say the same thing. along with turning to smile at the media in a good mood

Pol. Gen. Damrongsak mentioned the case this morning, Atchariya Ruangratanapong. President of Crime Victims Assistance Club Arrive at the Royal Thai Police Headquarters to bring a list of police officials who claim to be involved in online gambling websites From the level of former Police Commissioner to Police Lieutenant, the first batch of 16 names appealed to the Commissioner of Police to verify that initially received the genius information submitted. and instructed Pol. Gen. Visanu Prasarttong-Osoth to national police inspector Complete the fact check as soon as possible. Because this case is an accusation against the authorities. which includes the use of pseudonyms, some real names

As for the real name that was revealed to be an officer working in the Royal Thai Police. He confirmed that there was no position in front of his room. The position that is stationed in the Royal Thai Police. or Office of the National Police Commissioner There are various positions. The person referred to is a person who works at the Royal Thai Police Operations Center. with many names Both the coordinators The Office of the National Security Council (NSC) acts as a coordinator of the National Assembly. Which these positions will use the term officers of the Royal Thai Police. But that doesn’t mean it’s the person in front of their room.

As for the issue with reference to the name of the former national police chief, abbreviated Sor, Pol. Gen. Damrongsak said that Must let the National Police Inspector General verify the facts Because it is a reference, so how is it true and false? He is still unable to answer.

Pol. Gen. Damrongsak said that In case there is a list of the Technology Crime Investigation Police (Sor Sor Sor.) involved in the Macau 888 online gambling case. Regarding the Macau online gambling case, 888 received progress reports all the time. which still believes that hierarchical governance should not be a problem because the police officers do their best in every case


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