Today (March 1) at the Metropolitan Police Headquarters (Nor.Nor.Nor.Nor.Nor.Nor.Nor.Nor.Nor.N.) Anon Klinkaew, President of the Center for the Protection of the Institutions (N.N.S.A.) has submitted a letter to Pol.Lt.Gen. Thiti Saeng, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. account) because there was a rally in front of the Supreme Court He saw that the aforementioned area was the area of ​​the royal palace and was the royal road on March 6-7.


with Maj. Gen. Siam Boonsom, deputy commissioner of the Royal Thai Police and Maj. Gen. Attaporn Wongsiripreeda The Commander of the Metropolitan Police 1 (Ph.D. Nor. 1) received the said letter.


Anon said that the CRC members included people who were loyal to the monarchy. There was concern that a rally held in front of the Supreme Court would act unduly on the royal procession and the royal procession. which is irritating to His Highness and tramples the hearts of the Thai people under His Majesty the King


by believing that something must happen for sure which when that day came, he could not predict what would happen Because the loyal people waiting to receive the King on March 6-7 would certainly not tolerate the behavior of the protesters in front of the Supreme Court. So ask the police to take action in such cases.


Anon went on to say that At the time of the visit, it was requested that the rally site be moved to an area provided by Bangkok rather than allowing violence to arise from such incidents.

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