Crime Boss launches on March 28 for PS5, Xbox Series and PC. If you don’t know anything about it yet, it is an online organized crime game with first-person shooters and territorial fights that can be enjoyed either alone or with friends. After having tried it, I am very clear that it is possibly one of the great games that will go viral on Twitch and let’s see all the streamers hitting “hits” together.

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the offices that Ingame Studios has in Madrid to see first-hand everything that this interesting title has to offer, which although it has a single-player campaign, surely will draw all the attention of the public for its fun cooperative modes.

Crime Boss: Rockay City defines itself as an organized crime game rather than a heist game.. This is so because the game is tremendously ambitious in terms of its proposal, since alone or with friends you will have to hit and complete different missions that will be generated in real time in the variety of maps it has to carry them out and earn large amounts of money.

Money in Crime Boss will be very important, because it will be vital to improve the different characters or improve their weapons. This will be vital, since the different blows that we give will require one type of action or another, prioritizing stealth, brute force or a mixture of both. There will be a large number of characters to select, not to mention that the game will put us as allies or enemies with others like Chuck Norris, Kim Basinger, Danny Trejo or Michael Rooker among others.

The main game modes available in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Crime Boss has three different game modes, the first is Baker Battle, which places us before the experience most designed to play alone. A way in which we will live a story while we complete robberies, missions and hits while competing against the sheriff Chuck Norris, who will not make things easy for us. We will have to end up controlling the city through territorial wars with other gangs while avoiding the hand of justice. This story mode is also designed to allow us to unlock maps, hits and characters for the other modes, so it is a very useful introduction to get closer to Crime Boss.

crime boss 4

The second available game mode is called Crime Time and will be the main mode of Crime Boss. A mode designed to have a good time quickly. Well, quick blows will be generated with shorter activities. The action will be generated randomly proposing an objective in any of the maps of the game. The main objective of this mode will be to earn money and with it, as I explained before, improve all the elements of the game. This mode will also allow us to enjoy longer strokes in case you want to enjoy it properly in cooperative with three other people. This was the mode that we tested the most during our visit to the offices and I was surprised because in addition to being a fairly difficult challenge, the feeling was very positive.

The last of the game modes is Urban Legends and it is a mix of the rest of the modes., since they are orders or robberies that mix part of small stories of the plot with certain objectives. There are a total of 6 small campaigns that are each completed by overcoming three small missions with their own plot, rivals and characters. In my opinion, the most challenging and interesting mode of all, as it mixes the best of both worlds, some plot to give the game meaning and all the action of playing cooperatively with friends or online.

crime boss 5

The sensations with Crime Boss: Rockay City

After having played it for two hours I have some conclusions that I want to write down. Crime Boss is fun and the gameplay works very well. It is noticeable that they have worked on the development of former Arma, Mafia, Kingdom Come… The game is very well done and the gameplay is enjoyable. The concept of the game, although it is not a great novelty, the modes are fun and work, I assure you that you will have a good time playing Crime Boss.

His proposal may lead us to go viral on Twitch if the main streamers decide to accept it, since playing cooperatively to complete common objectives is more than interesting. In this case, although you can play with people online, you can also It is important to keep in mind that if you have friends to play with, you will have a much better time than with random people that you can match up on the net..

crime boss 9

The only doubts that it generates in me and that we will see when we have the review available, is that I don’t know if the content will be enough for a long life with it. I promise you that I have enjoyed the two hours played and I would see myself playing it for many more hours. But I have doubts that the game in the long term feels fresh and you can have fun with it over the months, since the game proposal is not infinite, since there will be a moment when you will have completed all the content. In that sense The path that the studio gives you after the launch will be very important. We will know all this in the future and it is too soon to talk about it.

For now we can stay with the fact that it is a good-looking game, that it can be a lot of fun and that I still want to get more out of.


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