The new saga of Dragon Ball Super is number 1 in Manga Plus!


The Manga of Dragon Ball Supercreated by Akira Toriyama and toyotaro, does not stop reaping successes around the world! In fact, the first chapters of the new saga, which serve as a prequel to the feature film Dragon Ball Super: Super Herohave greatly convinced the readers of Plus Sleeve. And for example, this screenshot that we just took on the platform!

As you can appreciate, Dragon Ball Super is the most read Manga work of Manga Plus in its Spanish version. Almost nothing! The new adventures of Goku and his friends continue to be published, every month, both in the Japanese magazine V Jump as in the aforementioned digital platform of Shueisha.

Do you also follow the new chapters of dragonball up to date? Does it deserve the great success it is having or are we facing an overrated Manga?


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