The NACC has set up a subordinate to investigate ‘Kanokwan’ for serious violations of ethics in the Khao Yai land knot, 7 more cases, and summons MPs and senators for involvement in the investigation.


Today (February 22), Niwatchai Kasemmongkol, secretary-general of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), addressed the Supreme Court’s judgment against Kanokwan Wilawan, former deputy minister of education. seriously unethical By depriving the right to apply for election for life And revoked the right to vote for 10 years that the case about Kanokwan was divided into 2 cases, with the aforementioned case being the first case. Regarding serious ethical violations decided by the Supreme Court But there is still another criminal case. At the same time, Sunthorn Wilawan, President of the Prachinburi Provincial Administrative Organization, and Kanokwan have also been accused in one more case of illegally issuing a title document, which has yet to be verified.

As for the case concerning land encroachment in Khao Yai National Park It was found that many other cases of offenses were committed by the NACC. Because many areas have developed into both golf courses and homes. In the case of wrongful possession of land, the NACC has now set up a sub-committee to investigate 7 cases, which are serious violations of ethics. by holding land before holding office and occupied such land continuously until the term of office with both members of the House of Representatives (MPs) and senators (Senators) having to be examined

Niwatchai further said that all 7 cases will be able to raise allegations in 2023 by taking possession of such land. There are both the issuance of the rights documents of the ALRO and the Phor.Bor.Tor. 5, as well as the possession of land in national reserved forests and permanent forests. The possession of land after taking office considered to be incompetent Because there is a guideline for judgments of courts for serious violations of ethical standards, such as the case of Pareena Kraikupt.


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