The Municipality takes possession of the area of ​​the former Polisportiva di Santa Severa


Santa Marinella – The municipality of Santa Marinella, through a symbolic delivery of the keys into the hands of the mayor Pietro Tidei, has officially taken possession of the vast area of ​​the former Polisportiva di Santa Severa and of the land bordering the Pyrgi seafront and the sports field of Via Carthage.

The signing of the delivery report took place in the presence of the councilor for urban planning Roberta Gaetani and the councilor delegated to heritage Patrizia Befani and falls within the scope of the memorandum of understanding signed in 2019 between the Region and the Municipality of Santa Marinella, finalized the start of important works of rationalization and enhancement of the public heritage, especially of all the vast lands surrounding Santa Severa.

After a long negotiation that began last May, the Region had definitively regained possession of the land bordering the Pyrgi seafront. Subsequently, in December 2022, the managers of the Pisana State Property and Heritage Budget Department had warned the former managers, i.e. the Polisportiva association, to occupy, without any title, having never demonstrated that they were in possession of a lease in valid, these parcels of land. As established on that occasion, the land has now been officially transferred to the municipality of Santa Marinella, which will be able to build a large public park, the first truly usable green area within the urban center of Santa Severa. It will be a large equipped space, which can be made available to all the children, the residents and in the summer period to the many vacationers of the hamlet who will be able to enjoy a park which stands, moreover, in an enchanting position, Since the area is very large, it will also be possible to redevelop the spaces used for recreational and sporting activities.

“As we had already announced in recent months, we will now be perfectly able to proceed with the rehabilitation and reclamation of this area also through our investee company and to provide Santa Severa with a whole series of services which it did not have until now. All this means – declares Tidei – that not only once again through constant commitment have we managed to obtain the result we had foreseen, but above all we will be able to enhance the tourist fraction even more in terms of hospitality in a short time. The first interventions on the area of ​​the former Polisportiva where even an illegal slum was found will be reclaimed, therefore we will proceed with the creation of playful green spaces and while only a portion of the land will be reserved for the creation of new parking lots, so necessary especially in the summer Santa Severa”.

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