The SAG Awards 2023as every year, are the cinematographic awards that grant the Screen Actors Guild of America (SAG). And on this occasion, the great winner of the night in the feature film categories has been Everything at once everywhere. However, two other films have had their respective mention. How do they look on streaming (or from home)? Are they already available?

Everything at once everywhere

  • Best Cast (Feature Film): Everything at once everywhere.
  • Best Actress (Feature Film): michelle yeoh.
  • Best Supporting Actor (Feature Film): Ke Huy Quan.
  • Best Supporting Actress (Feature Film): Jamie Lee Curtis.

When Everything at once everywhere was released in theaters, it did so as a small film, but very ambitious. It grossed over $100 million worldwide and it was the indie surprise of 2022. Now, almost a year later, the SAG Awards 2023 recognize her as the best of 2023: a brilliant cast, tasked with interpreting an even better script. If you like the multiverse but are not convinced by the MarvelHere’s an even better one. Of course, it is not available at the moment on streaming platforms, beyond Movistar+ (see from here):

Top Gun Maverick

  • Best Stunt Action (Feature Film): Top Gun Maverick.

Top Gun Maverick is hands down the best action movie of 2023, a film with a classic aroma that manages to stand out on the screen without too many special effects. Thus, I recommend you check it out on Prime Video (you can access from here) although this project Tom Cruise It is intended to be seen in theaters. Of course, before you should see Top Gun: Air Idols in HBO Max (access from this link), the first installment and classic of the genre. I’m not surprised that it won the 2023 SAG Awards for Best Stuntman, because some sequences are… Shocking.

The Whale

  • Best Leading Actor (Feature Film): brendan fraser.

The whale, like Everything at once everywherestill can’t be seen on any platform streamingbut yes it is available in some cinemas in Spain (few, since the premiere took place several weeks ago). Therefore, I recommend that you enjoy one of the best films of 2022/23 on the big screen, with an out-of-this-world interpretation of Brendan Fraser. An emotionally complex story centered on a character who just wants to make up for lost time.

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