Even the story in the series The Last of Us Episode 3 will receive overwhelming praise for being able to convey the love of LGBTQ+ come out beautifully But recently you Peter Hoar The series’ director for episode three admitted that he didn’t want viewers to immediately see that the third episode will feature a gay love story. Because he still has concerns that the novelty of it might make the audience feel uncomfortable with the story.

The Last of Us

You have to trick the audience a bit.

During the interview with Inverse Peter Hoar admits that while he was excited about the opportunity to portray the love story of two older men, he did not. But he has a deep concern that viewers may not be in the series right now. “This is a love story of two gay couples.” It also differs from the original story in the game.

The Last of Us

Have to say a bit that when the original The Last of Us was released. Same-sex marriage is still not legal in the United States. Naughty Dog Therefore, it is necessary to avoid telling the story directly until the original series has been released to tell it directly instead. The series in episode 3 is still not failing, with some anti groups pressed in to review the bomb anyway. Which shows that we still have to adjust our understanding of this matter a lot.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is slated to air a new episode every Monday at 9 p.m. HBO Go yes

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