In addition to being heavily bombed by reviews series The Last of Us In Episode 7, some key scenes were also banned in some regions. The reason is because that scene is a scene that shows love between people of the same sex. That’s Ellie and Riley as we saw each other in DLC of the main game

The Last of Us

Banned for a kissing scene with a straight face!

In the series The Last of Us, episode 7, which is called “Left Behind” This tells the story of Ellie’s past. Our protagonist and Riley one of her girl friends Which for anyone who has played the game before should know that within the game and the series there are kissing scenes of both girls as well But in some countries The said scene was simply cut off, for example, when it was shown on the channel. OSN+ or channels that are broadcast in the Middle East and North Africa

The Last of Us

But this censorship turned out to be quite upsetting to viewers, as OSN+ had previously been criticized for cutting scenes between same-sex couples in other series, such as the scene in the drama. How To Get Away With Murder and House of the Dragon But the strange thing is that when The Last of Us episode 3 aired, the relationship scene between Bill and Frank was not cut out.

Anyone interested in what the cut version of the scene looks like? Let’s take a look at it above. or for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet Try to watch the series on HBO GO.

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