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According to the latest study of Forrester Consulting commissioned by Adobe73% of higher education institutions have digitized their processesreducing up to 50% the paper consumption.

Join us to discover the new development paths of this digital transformation.

According to the latest Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Adobe, 73% of higher education institutions have digitized their processes, reducing paper consumption by up to 50%.

Mexico City, Mexico, February 24, 2023. 2023 begins with alerts on fire and a clear need: to reduce global deforestation figures that have been constant in recent years and which, according to Forest Trends, represents 44% of the total loss of tropical forests in Latin America and the Caribbean. One explanation is due to the increase in paper consumption, which according to a report by the Environmental Paper Network has exceeded 400 million tons per year.

To contribute to the panorama, technology companies already provide solutions that reduce paper consumption and optimize resources, and fortunately, educational institutions have bet on digitization and today are witnessing its benefits.

Many of the universities in Latin America are digitized and have migrated from physical to electronic signature processes. A transformation that, in addition to contributing to a drastic decrease in paper consumption. Also, it has optimized legal requirements, facilitated both administrative and educational issues, and overcome a series of legal challenges.

Without going too far, the ICESI University of Colombia, recognized as one of the best educational institutions in the country, has become an environmental benchmark for its zero-paper policy, which aims to digitize processes.

digital evolution process

In order to find the ideal partner in this process, the Colombian Institute of Higher Education created an evaluation committee made up of experts in document management, personal data and information security, who evaluated different tools that offered Electronic signaturein addition to complying with Colombian regulations and optimizing the times in the shipment and return of contracts.

Thus, they decided to implement Adobe solutions and migrate from the main physical documentary processes to 100% digital, managing to reduce 50% of paper consumption, save resources and centralize signatures of labor contracts, agreements, conventions and scholarships.

More in detail, with the functionalities of adobe acrobat signa comprehensive solution has been developed to add value to the contracting process and signing of agreements that the University makes with different actors such as customers and suppliers, making it possible for each person to receive an email with personalized data and to sign from anywhere. and device, meeting every legal criteria.

According to Valentina Moronta, Adobe Document Cloud consultant at C&S Tecnología, “Adobe provided the necessary support for the identification and understanding of the need in ICESI for the massive sending of contracts, for which it was proposed to carry out this process using the GIGA SIGN tool that It allows mass mailing and workflows within Adobe Sign, monitoring agreements, sending reminders, security, and all the legal aspects that the University needed to later transfer these files to digital custody.”

In the development of this digital transformation and strengthening of the processes, we worked with the company CYS Technology (as an authorized channel), which together with Adobe and the University, created a series of training sessions so that all the areas responsible for the evolution could join the strategy. The accompaniment of both was permanent and timely at every moment of sale and post-sale, carrying out various training sessions and providing technical support for the solution, he assures Leonardo Jaramillohead of document management at ICESI.

The result were psafe and automated processes electronic signature, with greater control of the type and quantity of documents signed, and most importantly, compliance with the zero-paper strategy that the University has been working on for four years with a reduction in printing that now guarantees the sustainability within the institution.

It is expected that by the end of 2023, spending on digital transformation will reach 6.8 trillion dollars, according to an EY study, and companies like Adobe are raising awareness worldwide, emphasizing that the electronic signature is one of the most urgent steps in this challenge.

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