Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister urges Mexico, a neutral country, to support Kyiv in its war against Russia

The Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andriy Melnyk, on CNN Spanish this Tuesday. (Photo: CNN Spanish)

Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Melnyk urged Mexico on Tuesday to abandon its neutral stance and support Kyiv in its war against Moscow.

“This country remains more or less neutral. We would need more support. I’m talking now at least about military aid,” Melnyk told CNNE in an interview in Mexico on Tuesday.

“We hope that Mexican society, the Mexican people, and above all the government of this country, gradually change the discourse… we need more support,” he said.

Although Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has previously advocated a peaceful solution to the conflict, he has also said the country wishes to remain neutral and would not impose economic sanctions on Russia.

“Regional leadership Melnyk said on Tuesday that Mexico can also provide humanitarian, medical and economic support to Ukraine.

“Send doctors to Ukraine, send some mobile hospitals, show your flag…Ukrainians will remember this help forever,” he said.

Melnyk added that any Mexican support for Ukraine would be significant given the country’s regional leadership in all of Latin America. “We expect a leadership position from this country,” he said.

He also said Ukraine’s request for help is a “valid expectation” given Mexico’s history with colonialism. Russia’s war against Ukraine is a “modern colonial war,” Melnyk said.

“Show the beautiful Mexican flag in the territories that were recently liberated,” he said.


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