Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove it It is available with Spanish subtitles. crunchyroll. The platform also offers the second season with the same and Latin dubbing. Now this Thursday, the first season will also have Latin Spanish dubbing.

Experiments with dating, heart rate measurements, analysis of mood swings…

Laughter and heartfelt moments in this scientific romantic comedy in which two people try to prove that love is a very scientific matter.

What happens when a man and a woman completely focused on science fall in love with each other?

Ayame Himuro is a smart science graduate from Saitama University who asks Shinya Yukimura, another science graduate from her university, on a date.

But of course, there is no scientific way to explain that what they feel is love! But as experts in science and engineering, not being able to scientifically prove what they feel would mean that what they feel is not real, so they both drag all their lab partners with them into a series of experiments with a single goal: to prove that love really exists.


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