The Dangers in My Heart – Anime gets a new trailer and release date


The new Anime The Dangers in My Heart ( Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu ) have your release date revealed, we also released a new trailer and a new promotional art.

The Dangers in My Heart – Anime gets a new trailer and release date


New promotional art:

The Dangers in My Heart

According to the official site, the series opens on April 1 in Japan.

The address is from Hiroaki Akagi I do not study Shin-Ei Animation ( Takagi-san, Kakkou no Iinazuke ) , roteiro of jukki hanadaand character designer by Santo Katsumata.


The accompanying story ichikawa kyotaroA guy does not degrade lower than the social scale of his school, but he secretly credits him as the tortured protagonist of some psychological thriller. So Kyotaro spends his days dreaming of ways to bring two of his colleagues back to peaceful life and dating his class idol Anna Yamada. But Kyotaro isn’t the kind of troublesome teenager he pretends to be… it turns out that Anna seems a little strange in her social gathering.

or sleeve of The Dangers in My Heart I have written and unwritten by sakurai ferris wheeland serialized by the publisher Akitas Shoten no site cross sleeve since March 8, 2018

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