The concierge Pokémon becomes the first series of Pokémon for Netflix: details, images and more


It’s not any joke. I assure you, the first Pokémon series created exclusively for Netflix Will be called The Pokemon Janitor and precisely from there will be his argument. The amazing thing is that this experiment has really caught my attention in this Pokemon Presents which just aired on twitch and Youtubebecause it is not a new season of the Anime nor is it a spin-off devoid of personality.

I’m honest: very little is known about The Pokemon Janitor because his presentation has been perhaps the shortest of the entire Pokemon Presentsbut I will tell you what to expect from an animated series that opens the door to future collaborations.

The first images of The concierge Pokémon

With the first images of The Pokemon Janitor we have learned that pokemon company has allied with Dwarf Studios to produce an animated series stop motion. The first images of the project are much shorter than a Slowpoke walking 2 meters away, but they are more than enough to give us a vague idea of ​​what it looks like.

  • In this small preview, you can see a psyduck that looks like something out of Chicken Run: Animal Farm. Also a girl, who should be the protagonist. ⭐️
  • Indeed, The technique stop motion It hits the concierge Pokémon a lot. ⭐️

What will be the plot of The Pokémon Concierge?

In it Pokemon Presents it has been confirmed that this It will be the first collaboration between Pokémon and Netflix. That is, there will be future projects in the future. And his argument is very simple: Haru is a hotel concierge for Pokémon in which we will know your guests like never before. Is about an all-new storyline that will expand the Pokémon universe like never before.

the pokemon janitor
This is the first official image of The Pokémon Concierge

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