Recently, thereOne innovation that is going viral in China that ishuman lip simulatorthat the user can “Upload” The form of a kiss from one side so recipients with the same tools can “receive” You can kiss through the app. The silicone lips simulate movement, pressure and heat to achieve the same sensation!

currentThe tool is already available on Taobao for 260 yuan or so.about 1,315 bahtOr if bought as a pair, it will be 550 yuan. (2,780 baht) Which currently sells about more than 100 units per month There are also positive reviews, such as a man who bought it for a long-distance relationship with his partner. “Thank you very much, technology!”


by the inventor whose surname is Jiang Said he got the idea after being away from his girlfriend. (who is now an ex-boyfriend) for 7 years and saidThat tool should be able to help foster honest long-distance relationships. Because only one sending and receiving device can pair with each other. and must obtain the consent of both parties; andSaid that it can also help reduce oral infections as well.


Previously, a similar invention came out in 2016 that also went viral. “Kissenger” But the touch part will come out in a simple form, not like this kind of lips.

Remote kissing device recently invented by a Chinese university student. The device is designed specifically for long-distance relationships and can mimic and transfer the kiss of a person to the “mouth on the other side”.
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The opinions online ranged from mockery to humor. to the advice that may be secretly a little too thrilling!

“You guys have to kiss, too? Is it that important?”

“It’s a really genius innovation. But where is the tongue?”

“This is too dystopia.”

“Uh oh, we already know what this thing is for. But it’s definitely not meant to be used for kissing.”

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