erased” is one of those works full of controversy in the Manga and Anime industry that, despite this, tends to be surrounded more by success than anything else. Likewise, it is one of those works whose long shadow ends up making it not easy for the mangaka the fact of being able to find a new success after the fact. Since then, Kei Sanbe has not been able to hit the right key to the same degree, but even so, he has confirmed that his next Manga will be launched shortly.

Kei Sanbe, creator of Erased, prepares to release Otogi no Hako no Reto

Before going into the details, I leave you with the following promotional image of “Otogi no Hako no Reto”the confirmed title of the new Manga from the author of “Erased” (via Manga-on-march-25/.195343″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>ANN):

otogi no hako no challenge
This is what the new Manga by Kei Sanbe, creator of Erased, looks like

And now yes keep in mind the following things about this new Manga from the author of “Erased”:

  • To begin with, it has been announced that the Manga Otogi no Hako no Reto begins to be published from March 25, 2023. 😍
  • The Manga will be published through the magazine Square Enix Big Gangan. 👌
  • The Manga has two different descriptions for its plot, and I personally They have reminded me to some extent of Golden Kamuy:
    • It’s a drama with sword fight located in the north country.
    • The Manga will aim help spread the Ainu culture and protect all intellectual property belonging to this.
  • Likewise, Kei Sanbe will have the help of the organization Akan Ainu Consul, which is precisely in charge of protecting and venerating everything related to Ainu culture. 😮

Perhaps it has happened on more occasions, in fact almost certainly, but personally beyond “Golden Kamuy” this is the only time I’ve heard about Ainu culture in a medium like Anime, or well, Manga in this case. First of all I have to say that I don’t get the feeling that “Otogi no Hako no Reto” is going to be an excessively original story, but we will have to wait and see what the author of “Erased” has prepared for us..


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