The amounts of bonds of the Patria System have been updated since March 1


The national government increased, as of this month of March, the amounts of the vouchers that apply to the Hogares de La Patria, Dr. José Gregorio Hernández, Humanized Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Schooling and Family Economy programs, which are delivered to through the Platform Homeland.

According to the Patria Digital Channel, from Telegram, since 2022 the Executive has made adjustments to the amounts of the bonds and social protection programs.

In this sense, the Hogares de la Patria program, according to the number of members of the family nucleus, is as follows:

  • 1 member Bs 57.60
  • 2 members Bs 72.00
  • 3 members Bs 108.00
  • 4 members Bs 144.00
  • 5 members Bs 180.00
  • 6 members or more Bs 216.00

Likewise, the other social programs were as follows:

  • Bonus Dr. José Gregorio Hernández Bs 108.00.
  • Humanized Childbirth Bonus Bs 144.00.
  • Breastfeeding Bs 144.00.
  • Schooling and Family Economy Bonus Bs 72.00.

“#ATTENTION: As of today #1Mar 2023 through the @CarnetDLaPatria System new adjustment in the amounts of the Social Programs: #HogaresDeLaPatria of 3 members 108.00 Bs. Bono Dr. #JoséGregorioHernández 108.00 Bs.”, published the account on Twitter Social Bonds.

People who request or receive the payment of the Hogares de la Patria, Humanized Childbirth, Breastfeeding, José Gregorio Hernández and others bonds will be given the updated amount of the program, starting this Wednesday 1ro of March.

It is expected that there will be an adjustment of all the monthly bonds of the Patria Platform, according to “the rise of the dollar of the Central Bank of Venezuela,” the Patria Digital Channel referred to on Telegram.


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