Today (1 March) Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit chairman of the progressive committee Initially joining the campaign stage of the far-reaching party After being appointed as the party’s official campaign assistant The first stage of this week’s tour is in Udon Thani. Starting with a forum to listen to land issues managed byAgricultural Land Reform Office (Sor.Por.Kor.) at Nong Saeng District before traveling to participate in the speech at Kumphawapi District After abandoning the national campaign stage for more than 3 years after the dissolution of the Future Forward Party


Thanathorn started the speech by telling about his work in the past 4 years after the dissolution of the Future Forward Party, stating that in the past he had worked with the local area. both at the municipal level and the Subdistrict Administrative Organization (Subdistrict Administrative Organization) have seen many local problems, such as water supply Unbelievably, in Thailand in the 21st century, most of the people in the country still do not have clean water that flows 24/7. If you don’t swing the alum yourself to precipitate, you need to buy water from the tank to use. It becomes a cost burden that reinforces the difficulty in life for most people who already have enough.


What I have seen from working locally reinforces what I have always believed that our country should take better care of each other. All Thai people, regardless of where they were born, should have equal access to basic public services. Whether it’s water supply, hospitals, schools, roads, etc., it should be equally good everywhere. This is not to say that our country does not have enough knowledge or capability to do so. But the problem is unfair budget allocation. That makes most of the country’s people inaccessible to resources and budgets. for example Every baht spent to buy a submarine That is, every baht that is not used to clean the tap water for all people in this country.


Thanathorn went on to say that The journey of the Future Forward Party to the Progressive Party Is a journey to create a Thai society that will break inequality, such as fighting against monopoly capital to allow people to earn a living We never promised how much per ton of rice we would give. because it believes that a better thing is to create an economic system that allows everyone to make a living For example we propose a progressive liquor law. To abolish the monopoly in the liquor market of over 400 billion baht that has been with only 2-3 companies for more than 40 years without anyone thinking of fixing it.


“We strongly insist on democratic principles. because of undemocratic politics It is a structure that attracts resources from the majority to make the elite in this country more prosperous. Why can’t a person who has worked hard all his life have a good quality of life? that the poor are not because of insufficient merit in the past life Not because I’m lazy but because resources are allocated unfairly,” Thanathorn said.


Thanathorn went on to say that Solving Thailand’s problems one by one therefore not enough We have many great teachers, but why can’t we solve the problem of education? We have good marketers. But why can’t we sell agricultural products to wealthy farmers? That’s because we never solve structural problems. which puts the fruits of development into the hands of a few people in the country


This is the reason why the Future Forward Party has come to the Kao Klai Party, insisting that we have to solve both the structure and the individual issues simultaneously for the past 4 years until today. We have first-hand experience from working in the political system. We are ready more than 4 years ago. just one chance Let the party go far to become a government for 4 years. Thailand is definitely not the same. This is the most rewarding investment for everyone. The cost that must be incurred is the cost of the car to the booth only.


“He disbanded my party, disqualified me because I was going to destroy structures that benefit minority people in society. bring the fruits of the country’s development to distribute equally to all people And that’s the same reason why we only do the hard stuff. The big stuff is because the solution is the point. cannot solve the problems of this country. Unable to get resources from the elite into the hands of the majority. The past four years have reinforced my belief that Thailand’s problems are structurally unfair. That is the spirit of the new future that has come a long way,” said Thanathorn.


In addition, the Kao Klai Party is scheduled to give a speech in Khon Kaen on Friday evening, March 3, with Thanathorn, Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, former secretary-general of the Future Forward Party, and Pannika Wanich, a former spokesperson. Future Forward Party also participated in the speech on stage

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