Today (February 27), Netiphon Sanae Sangkhom or Worm Bung, Talu Wang activist, representing Tantawan, Tua Tulanon or Tawan and Orawan Phupong or Bam, submits a book about Courtesy of using the place of the Supreme Court After the two activists hunger strike in front of the Supreme Court, entering the 4th day


The contents of the request for courtesy indicate that I, Tantawan Tulanon and Ann Phupong have fasted to call for justice reform. and called for consideration of granting the temporary release of accused and defendants in political cases. Which we both have been doing the said process on the sidewalk of Ratchadamnoen Road in front of the Supreme Court since February 24, 2023, as details appear in the general press. which you already know


But at this moment, on the sidewalk where we both rested to fast It is an area close to the entrance and exit of the Supreme Court. Which officials and civil servants, including people who come to contact the Supreme Court must use it as an entrance and exit which may cause people to not be convenient to enter and exit And the area is adjacent to the traffic route that may cause danger to the general public.


In addition, as far as the past, it appears that at night there is a group of people threatening to cause chaos as well.


For the aforementioned reasons, we both ask for your kindness to have an order to allow me. family member and those involved Including the general public can use the area in the area of ​​the Supreme Court in front of the statue of Krom Luang Ratchaburi Direkrit. North front of the Supreme Court building In which the area will not interfere with government operations and contacts of the people in any way


However, by asking for the courtesy of using the location in the aforementioned area and asking for the courtesy of the use of electricity, lighting, toilets, security. Including medical equipment in case of emergency such as a heart pump From February 27, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. onwards


Please be informed accordingly. and if you do not wish to provide any cooperation or favor Please explain the cause and effect to both of us and the people.


Netiporn said that In the past, from not giving bail to Tiranai and Chaiyaporn. causing Tawan and Bam to want to be closer to the President of the Supreme Court Therefore asked to make a case for the President of the Supreme Court to fast peacefully in the Supreme Court Both revealed that if there is no progress, they will raise the level by not taking a sip of water. But he has requested that the weather is not favorable now. May both of you be mindful. Therefore, he came today to request permission from the President of the Supreme Court to use the court area.


Tawan and Bam confirmed that they would not return to Thammasat University Hospital. But he was the most prepared. for an emergency situation


However, today’s atmosphere has people coming together to settle down and support. In the opposite area of ​​the Supreme Court, banners were posted with messages such as the release of political prisoners. release our friends Until causing the deputy superintendent of traffic Metropolitan Police Station (Police Station) Chanasongkram and municipal officials from Phra Nakhon District Office Asking for cooperation for the protesters to remove the sign.

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