“Suspended mourning”: Alessandro Fiore tells the stories and investigation techniques on missing persons


In 2022 there were 24,369 reports of missing persons in Italy, an average of 67 per day, 26.4% more than the 19,269 of the previous year. In 82% of cases, these were voluntary removals, reports of possible victims of crime represent 0.22%. These are the data reported in the annual report of the government commissioner for missing persons, Antonino Bella. It’s recently in bookstores (and online) for Rubbettino “Suspended mourning, human stories of those who seem to disappear into thin air” written by Alessandro Fiore, cassation lawyer, one of the Italian experts in the sector.

Fiore tries to provide other interpretations, from the perspective of those who face it on a daily basis in an effort to solve disappearance cases. Through this reading you will learn decisive aspects, such as the precise analysis of the characteristics of those who disappear, the classification of the different types of disappearance, the main field research techniques carried out under the legal investigative profile, the current legislation on the subject and much more. Assumptions that have allowed the Fiore Law Firm to resolve cases that initially seemed unsolvable. The journey will end with new points of view on those disappearances that are still unsolved today and become real Italian mysteries, such as that of Emanuela Orlandi, Ylenia Carrisi and Denise Pipitone.

”Suspended mourning – reads a passage in the preface of diego minutes, journalist and writer for over thirty years at the Ansa Agency – however paradoxical it may appear, it is not a collection of hypotheses or investigative techniques on which to build paradigms because it doesn’t want to be. He collects experiences that translate into whispered suggestions because pain is always personaleven if you share it with the whole world.”

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