Summary of the viral ‘Sudarat’ New Look when it passes through the hands of ‘Nong Chat’, a famous makeup artist.


Today (February 28), one of the most shared images online is of a smiling woman wearing a pink shirt, which is Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, leader of the Thai Sang Thai Party. who shake off wearing glasses, traditional hairstyles, take off glasses, make up and adjust hair to look younger

THE STANDARD summarizes the story of changing the look of Khunying Sudarat this time.

  1. Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, a 61-year-old female politician, is currently the leader of the Thai Sang Thai Party. which she announced that making this political party was the final mission of Sudarat’s political life, who had been active in the political field for more than 30 years.
  1. Although Sudarat has not been in the council for ten years But it is undeniable that her name continues to appear and be remembered by both the political field and the general public continuously.
  1. Today there is a phenomenon Sudarat, a new look around the world online. After she was transformed by Nong Chat-Chatchai Phiangapichart, a famous makeup artist, including makeup, removing glasses and changing a new hairstyle.
  1. Nong Chat posted a message via Instargram with a picture of Khunying Sudarat, stating, “Makeup Mae Noi, Khunying Sudarat, let’s take off your glasses and change a new look. I have worked with my mother. very cute mom got a very good idea Many things.” As for Khunying Sudarat, she replied that “Because of the talented Nong Chat’s skills, she can go back 50 years to her mother’s age. It’s really amazing.” There were also comments that she looked younger and almost unrecognizable after her change of looks.
  1. However, getting up to change the look this time Khunying Sudarat stated to THE STANDARD that Nong Chat Chuan changed her look. Which he himself was delighted and interesting. And it was a challenging mission for both myself and Nong Chat. bohemian little girl Originally, at first, he thought there was no way possible. But Nong Chat told himself to come and try. It turned out that the results came out better than expected. We also dare to do something new. already like this
  1. Sudarat said about Nong Chat that “Amazed at Nong Chat’s abilities. And considered as a throwback to the age of university Thank you Nong Chat for making mom go back to her age. at first did not believe but it can be done And most importantly, all cosmetics used in make-up to change today’s look are Thai brands.
  1. for Nong Chat She is a famous makeup artist who created her identity from the mother’s daughter. until coming to vocational education through the difficult path of life Struggling until there are many famous actors and actresses make-up works

Photo: nongchat/Instagram


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