Choose one side and get stuck. Choose the other side, it’s next to
It’s time to put an end to the bipolar political conflict.


In the 2019 election, Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, president of Pheu Thai Party Strategist As the party’s number 1 prime ministerial candidate, holding the flag leading the Pheu Thai Party to win the highest number of seats in the House of Representatives, 136 seats.


After 20 months, she submitted her resignation from the Pheu Thai Party on November 30, 2020, ending her political relationship with the Shinawatra family. from the Palang Dharma Party to the Pheu Thai Party Total period of more than 26 years



in an interview program on Thairath TV When the host asked On the day he decided to leave the Pheu Thai Party Have you talked to Khun Thaksin? Sudarat replied with a smile that “We are Thai people. Let’s go to pay respects.” She repeated this sentence 5 times in response to this question.


when stepping out of the old house Every time the media asks for opinions about the boss, mistress, the Shinawatra family. and Pheu Thai Party She would reply briefly that she and the new party had already crossed over.


“That’s why you answered what happened to me today. All your pains and traumas are considered your destiny. I replied like this last time. This time, I didn’t want to refer to it. I have crossed over.”


When ‘Uttama-Sonthirat’ walks back to Ban Pa Political tactics knock War Room at Ban Lad. ‘Sudarat-Sita’ announced the stance ‘The Thai Sang Thai Party does not want to join the government with the dictatorship’, it is the second party after the Kao Klai Party that clearly announced that it would close the door for 3 years and not join the government in the future.


These are the foundations of the campaign to end bipolar political conflict, which has been tangible through the loud voices in all party forums: Or choose the other side, it’s next to The Thai Sang Thai Party declares itself as a way out, a way out, and a new alternative for Thailand. Leading the country out of the crisis of bipolar political conflict that has been conflicting without end since the 2006 coup that lasted 17 years.



Politics like a mother
with the question “How will my child live in this country? And what about the other children?”


Not long ago, Khunying Sudarat Kwang Jinny Yossuda Wisdom style The most politically promising daughter Interview on the show WOODY FM Special


Ginny said that in early 2021, Sudarat called a meeting of all three children together. without knowing the exact purpose The meeting consisted of ‘Mother Noi-Boss-Best-Ginny’ begins with the tears of a mother. It ends with a conversation that unlocks Sudarat’s heart.


Ginny said “Mom has always been a strong woman. You will see very few tears, but about 2 years ago, he was stressed about something too, and then suddenly he called his 3 children to talk and the mother cried, saying He felt very much a failure in his role as a mother. felt that he was a bad mother for his children Didn’t make time for the kids I don’t know the stories or details in my children’s lives. as you should know And then my mother cried out.”


Khunying Sudarat recalled the incident that day. “That was the time to go or not go. To form a party or not to form a party It’s a responsibility on both sides. Part of that is family responsibilities. Part of it is the responsibility for the country that may not be our direct duty. I thought so then. Without us, this country can live. Are we thinking too much? That is, we have a passion to see this country get better. And as I said with the fact that when the child grows up We think in the future how my child will live in this country. What about the other children?


“When I think like this, I want to do it. But we have to come back and look at our costs, what we have. We must do what is our direct duty. Good or bad, sit and review. It’s very stressful, really stressful, so stressed that you think too much and cry. I don’t know why all of a sudden mom is like that So I wanted to talk to him that I wanted to apologize for my mother doing bad things to her children.”



Ginny replied that day. “Then tell mom that even though you’re our mom But my mother had to think about life. Think about your own preferences as well. The fact that a mother has a baby doesn’t mean that she can’t take her own life. Mom can’t do what she loves. Give everything right. Mother chooses. And we will always be there to support you by your side.”


When successfully unlocking the mind with the three children The family proclaimed to be support by their side. She therefore announced herself as the ‘pillar’ of the new political party, using the way of thinking, making decisions like a mother who thinks about the future of her children. Lui builds her new home, which she declares to be her final mission in her political life.



War Room Ban Lad – Mother’s Luk Network
Intuition-Science determine the pace of the city


In Ban Lat War Room, located in Soi Lat Pla Khao 60, was designated as the location of the temporary office of the Thai Sang Thai Party. Before the new party office on Thoet Rachan Road, Don Mueang District will be completed in the future.


The last insider who has sat in this war room since the first day of thinking about setting up the party until today is Pokin Polkul, former Speaker of the National Assembly, former Minister of Interior. and political seniors Bhokin is the brains, thinker, policy maker and political deal negotiator. Another name is Major Sita Tiwaree, Sudarat’s right hand. One of the people she trusted the most. Sit in every political circle and make every important decision.


The Thai Sang Thai Party is also a gathering place for ‘Mother Noi’s Child Network’ gathering place for hundreds of millions of young entrepreneurs Sudarat gathers relationships from various special courses. during her break from politics This group of people called Sudarat out of familiarity. ‘Mother Noi-Pee Noi’ is her support and mentor both on-screen and behind-the-scenes. Many people decided to enter the election field this time.


In the savory meal at noon – savory dinner There is also a team of great thinkers, writers, storytellers, advertisers, creatives and media groups. which she has built up connections for more than 3 decades, joining the dining table keep giving advice strengthening points and close the weakness regularly



In the War Room Ban Lat today is warmer than ever. When the band finally had to add the name of Supant Mongkolsuthree, former chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries As a key economic policy-SMEs man, Capt. Anudit Nakornthap, former Minister of Information and Communication Technology and former Secretary-General of the Pheu Thai Party as a key man of the party’s cheating center come to control the management of the party Along with a team of Mae Noi led by Karun Hosakul, a former member of Parliament for Don Mueang for many periods, responsible for the production of media, including billboards, publications, as well as being the main leader in the Bangkok election field.


with a strategic team Which is a mixture of large and new generations, including Torpong Chaisan, Prawat Uttamoj, Udomdet Rattanasathien, Chavalit Wichayasut, Noppadol Mangkornchai, Praphon Netrangsi, Treerat Siri Chantharopas, Tepparit Siewram, Suwadee Panpanich and Thidarat Yingcharoen. These names appear in many of Ban Lad’s meeting circles.


In not less than 6 meeting rooms in Ban Lat Pla Khao It also welcomes a team of consultants, policy teams, campaign teams, communications teams, spokesperson teams and many other local coordination teams. Constantly entering proposals and accepting work to expand the results into concrete


Sudarat listened a lot but didn’t believe easily. In addition to her intuition and 3 decades of experience in the political field, she always makes scientific decisions. By ordering polls and collecting opinions and feelings of society This is one of the political lessons that Thai Rak Thai alumni use today in all political fields.



Open platform to build Thailand taking care of birth until old age
Raise people’s pensions 3,000 baht to clear informal debt


When the Thai Sang Thai Party started in the third month of 2021, this new party was seen as a small party. Many of the lead characters in the party are not obvious. It aims to present itself as the S. Party, which has its origins from both S. Sudarat and S. Sangthai.


After another 1 year, the knocking party sent Major Sita to compete for the position of governor of Bangkok. Even if you can’t win Got only 70,000 points and got only 2 S.K. seats But for some big parties This is a clear negative signal. because when assessing the upcoming national elections The share of 70,000 votes, when expanded and calculated in every constituency, every province, is certainly not a small number of votes. but millions of voices


At the party’s general meeting in September 2022, Khunying Sudarat officially assumed the position of party leader. In her speech that day, she highlighted the campaign to liberate (Liberate) and create power (Empower) for the people, giving small people access to opportunities. Ready to uphold the Thai Party to create Thai as an alternative to the two-polar political conflict.


Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan stepped into the 2023 election field with a platform proposal to build Thailand. Including welfare policies taking care of Thai people from birth to old age, funds for small people to clear informal debts, resting bad debts for 3 years, paying flowers for 2 years, creating points for small people SMEs company employees, raising the level of 30 baht plus, the public pension network 3,000 baht for the elderly, the people’s constitution, eradicating drugs, dragging scammers to prison and buy lottery tickets to get money back

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