The head of supervisors of the Educational Zone of the Delta Amacuro state, Blanca Hernández, reported that the school food system is being strengthened in the entity by the Ministry of Popular Power for Education, Food, the government and Unicef. She explained that, despite the monetary obstacles due to the economic sanctions against Venezuela, food continues to reach the students.

Hernández explained that the Delta Amacuro state government and the Ministry of People’s Power for Education have guaranteed school meals not only in the highway section of the Tucupita municipality, but also in a large river area that is difficult to access, where indigenous people and peasants are the main more vulnerable.

school food system

The food program is, on the one hand, being strengthened in all the indigenous and peasant schools on the highway most distant from Tucupita and now they are seeking to expand it to the fluvial areas of other municipalities. This initiative is adding more beneficiaries, who, in addition to food, have a quality education.

Blanca Hernández, head of the supervisors, congratulated the teaching work, processing mothers and the parents and representatives for maintaining the educational quality of their constituents in Delta Amacuro.

Consequences of sanctions

As a consequence of the sanctions that limit the entry of resources into the country, the indigenous and peasant communities have been harmed, as the governor of Delta Amacuro, Lizeta Hernández, has questioned.

The president has said that, “every resource that arrives, little or much, we allocate it to health and education.”

The obstacles to providing food to schools in indigenous river areas have not limited the efforts of the Ministry of Popular Power for Education and the government of Delta Amacuro.

The governor of the entity explained that despite “all the adversities”, they continue to transport food in barges that businessmen from Delta provide free of charge to reach remote places such as San José de Amacuro and Essequibo, on trips that take between 8 to 12 hours.

He insisted that the coercive and unilateral measures against Venezuela affect the most vulnerable sectors in the Delta: the indigenous and peasants.

Mothers and fathers processors

The governor of the state of Delta Amacuro congratulated the processor mothers and fathers who, with all the limitations in the Delta pipes, have kept their jobs “for all the students, preparing food every day.”

The Ministry of Popular Power for Education, the government of the Delta Amacuro state, together with Unicef, manage to expand school meals in communities that, although they previously had this service, the sanctions ended up damaging its continuity.


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