“Storm Reid” she’s not normal!
With the lead role in “MISSING”, search for…missing mother!?

today in cinema

Sony Pictures is proud to present the movie Missing Search for…Mae Hai. From the creators of Searching

Starring Storm Reid, Joquim de Almeida, Amy Landecker, with Daniel Henney and Nia Long.

Storm Reid (June) She is best known for her acting roles. Meg in Disney’s live-action hit A Wrinkle in Time Reed made her film debut with Brad Pitt, Chiwetel Egiofour and Michael Fassbender in Twelve Years a Slave On television, Reed starred in the Netflix limited series Ava. see vernay story When They See Us Based on the Central Park Five case, the series debuted and received 16 Emmy nominations and won two. “Euphoria”

Storm Reed The actress who played the role revealed that “We live in the social media era, everything is on our phones. All information is at our fingertips. Exposure to movies that you use on social platforms. All the media that people normally use to solve puzzles is truly a magic combination. June, the girl at the center of Missing, who is 10000% ready for her fresh start at college. She is stubborn, stubborn, and impatient. yes Unfortunately, her father was no longer in her life. She grew up in a home with a single mother. She felt that her mother was overprotective of her. She’s a teenager, she’s an adult, and sometimes moms and kids clash. But whatever it is, she loves her mom, and when she disappears while on vacation, That rebellion comes into play when June tries to find her mother. My generation grew up spending most of their lives on computers and phones. We know how to use Instagram and Twitter. quickly Being a child in this situation Make her move faster because it’s instinctive. It’s not something she has to figure out how to do. This time I’m working with Will Merrick and Nick Johnson. Missing marks his feature debut as a writer and director of Searching and the full cast is full of passion. can In this movie you will find excitement, excitement and unpredictability.”

Missing search for…mother is missing!? thrilling puzzle that makes you wonder how well you know the people closest to you.Her mother (Nia Long) Disappears while on vacation in Colombia with a new boyfriend. Searching for answers and finding the mother ofJune (Storm Reid) That’s not easy. As she is in Los Angeles far from the country her mother is visiting. June must use various new technologies to try to find her mother before everything is too late. Her quest to find clues in the digital world leads to Thrilling secrets and wildest deceptions

✅ Use every method to find

✅ Use every channel that you can think of.

Or this pilgrimage… there will be something that will deceive you, don’t miss it!

Search for missing mother today only in cinemas

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