Stablecoin Crisis! Coinbase, the World’s Leading Crypto Trading Platform Suspended use of ‘BUSD’ coin for the reason that does not pass the standard for listing


On Monday (February 27), Coinbase, the world’s leading crypto trading platform, Announced through the company’s Twitter that The use of ‘BUSD’ coin on the platform will be suspended from March 13th. The reason is that the coin doesn’t pass Coinbase’s standard for listing coins.

A Coinbase spokesperson told Coindesk: “The purpose of our BUSD freeze rests with our internal audit department. And now it seems that the coin does not meet our standards. So we need to take this coin away.”

Such suspension will be effective on the Platform., Coinbase Pro, Coinbase Exchange and Coinbase Prime. Users can withdraw or exchange BUSD from the platform at any time.

Binance’s ‘BNB’ token was down 1% to $302.57 at the time of the announcement. Before rising slightly to move around $ 304.6 in the morning (08:00) today (February 28).



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