It is not the first time that we talk about “maplestar“, a popular erotic artist recognized for making quite convincing animations based on the most popular series of the season. Obviously these animations end with “sexual results”, and despite the fact that they are relatively short, the effort and dedication that the artist puts into each new release is quite evident.

Recently, “maplestarrevealed that he had made a second hentai animation for SPY x FAMILYstarring Yor Forger and loid forger. Let’s remember that both live as a simulated marriage, so seeing them relate to each other in this way is definitely a surprise for fans. But what was the first? Let’s check out the trailer from back then:

Perhaps something interesting about this artist’s animations, and that is completely separate from her talent, is the detail of using a Japanese voice actress in her works. Not many feel attached when a hentai animation uses voices and moans in English, so it is a detail that is highly appreciated by fans.

Anyway, “maplestar” shared the trailer for the second hentai animation of SPY x FAMILY, again starring the false couple. This time, Yor Forger he returns from an assassination mission and goes into the bathroom to wash off the blood. However, Loid was already there, so to divert attention from her, Yor decides that they will have sex right then and there.

Yes, we know, it’s just a promotional video. If you want to have access to the full video of more than three minutes you will have to subscribe to his Patreon account, or maybe you can find it uploaded somewhere on the Internet. Finally, let’s review the comments:

  • «Yeah! Finally a second part! The animation is amazing, but that doesn’t surprise me anymore».
  • «Beautiful animation quality to be made by a single person, congratulations».
  • «I played the video without sound and thought it was the real Anime».
  • «The entire video has a spectacular attention to detail, both visually, comedy, expressions, even in the fluidity of movement».
  • «I swear every time I look at your works for the first time, I think it’s an official video. Then I see who posted it. Incredible».
  • «Damn, I thought that was a snippet from an episode. It’s amazing how you can imitate the original drawing style, not to mention the quality of the animation work.».
  • «I really thought I was watching some SPY x FAMILY stuff!».

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