or Anime Spy x Family It was a two most viewed of 2022, as it is a series entered for the favorite list of several fans otakus. Like isso, uma cosplayer called “catiescos” fez um fab cosplay da personagem Yor Forger from Spy x Family Anime.

Spy x Family – Fabulous Yor Forger cosplay surprises fãs


You can check other images on twitter of the cosplayer by clicking here. 🥵🥵

Yor Forger She is one of the main protagonists of the Spy x Family series. While she works as a public official in the Berlin Prefecture, she also leads a secret life as an assassin, as a codinome of “Princess two Espinhos”.


In short, the story follows the life of twilighta spy that needs “form a family” suddenly to execute a mission. Sendo asim, he knows one assassin and forms a family with her and a garotinha com supernatural powers. So, now being called by Loid, I have to carry out this mission in secret until that family discovers the truth.

The address is from Kazuhiro Furuhashi in a collaboration between two studios witstudio and CloverWorks. In Brazil, the series is distributed here in Brazil through the streaming service of crunchyroll.

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