One button is gone but its replacement can do more stuff.


Spotify has announced a change to the way people add songs to their library, ditching the previous heart button in favor of a new “+” button that will do double duty.

Spotify users have historically pressed the heart button whenever they want to add a song to their library, but that button is no more.

Announced via a blog post, Spotify says the new button is a “+” sign and can actually do a couple of things depending on the song’s current state.

Spotify Plus Interface screenshots


“Starting today, we’re consolidating the Heart icon and the “Add to playlist” icon into a single symbol: the Plus (+) button,” Spotify said. “When you hit Plus (+), you’ll be able to save and choose the destination for any song, playlist, or podcast with a simple tap.”

Actually, it works pretty simply. Users tap the new button to add their song, book, podcast, or album to their library and get a green circle with a checkmark in return. From there, they can tap the same button and then choose a playlist that they want to add to as well.

Spotify says that there’s a method to its madness beyond just wanting to switch things up, too.

“The new and improved Plus (+) button now gives users a more streamlined way to save favorite music and podcasts,” it says. “Plus, in our user research, we found that the Plus (+) button upgrade helped save time and gave users the ability to add to multiple playlists at once.”

The new interface will “begin to roll out to all users globally on mobile (iOS and Android) beginning today,” and it’ll also be made available to everyone within weeks. If you don’t see it in your app just yet, hang tight. I’ll be there soon enough.


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