Special border patrol


strategic action

The first piece of news I have for you is the announcement made by Freddy Bernal that night patrols will be intensified in the border cities of San Antonio del Táchira and Ureña.

He said that the plan was prepared by the Directorate of Strategic and Tactical Actions of the Bolivarian National Police and specified that the objective is to prevent “the armed and violent groups of Colombia from disturbing the peace of merchants, industrialists and the well-to-do of San Antonio and Urena.

productive credit

Secondly, I have you that the Government will promote financing for productive sectors, especially agriculture. Vice President Delcy Rodríguez met with the Higher Council of Economy and they discussed strategies to guarantee the Planting and Harvesting 2023 plan.

feminist tips

The government dedicated this weekend to a great national day of registration of the Feminist Councils, which are groups of women that are formed in the communities with the 1×10 method. “The Venezuelan Women’s Route has already started towards March 8,” said the Minister of Women and Gender Equality Diva Guzmán.


Also over the weekend, what is known as the “octavita de carnaval” took place in Caracas. In Los Caobos Park there was a party on Saturday and Sunday to close the 2023 carnivals. They awarded the prizes to the winning comparsas of the parade that took place in Los Próceres last weekend and there were also tremendous concerts with artists such as Porfi Baloa, La Melodía Perfecta, Sixto Rein, among others.

Three terrorists fell

Important news is also that three of those involved in the terrorist shootings last weekend in Maracaibo have been captured by the Cicpc. Remember that on Saturday, February 18, some criminals entered two shops in Maracaibo, throwing lead at large and killed several people and injured many others. It is assumed that the thing was ordered by a gang of thugs who extort merchants.

Well, three fell and they’re still looking for the rest of those involved.

Exchange rate

The Central Bank of Venezuela reported that the exchange tables on Friday yielded an average of 24.42 bolivars per dollar. Remember that this is the only rate valid for any transaction today.


Death in the Mediterranean

Yesterday the tragic news of at least 60 people who died off the coast of Italy when the boat in which they were sailing was shipwrecked was a trend. They are Afghan, Pakistani and Iranian migrants who had set sail from Turkey. Another 80, of the almost 200 that were on board, were rescued.

Ecuador in conflict

You have to keep an eye on the situation in Ecuador. As if that were not enough with the tremendous corruption scandal involving banker Guillermo Lasso, on Saturday it was learned that Conaie, the largest federation of indigenous groups, decided to get up from the dialogue table with the government and demand that Lasso resign. for “his inability to govern.”

Last night, Leonidas Iza, leader of Conaie, announced that Eduardo Mendúa, a leader of his organization, who was leading the fight against the oil companies, was assassinated.

Nor should we neglect what is happening in Peru. People continue to protest in Lima to demand the resignation of Dina Boluarte. And the police continue to repress violently. This weekend several injuries were reported at the hands of the public force.


It is also necessary to spread what is happening in Palestine. Israeli settlers have been carrying out a violent operation for several days to occupy new territories in the city of Nablus, in the West Bank. Over the weekend they burned at least 75 houses and 100 Palestinian vehicles. Almost 400 Palestinians have already been injured in this onslaught alone. That is their way of expelling the Palestinians from their territory in order to take it away from them. This has been going on for decades.

Well, my people, this is how we start the week. Have the best possible Monday and remember to constantly check ultimasnoticias.com.ve to keep up to date with the information. We’ll read again here tomorrow.



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