Spacer’s Choice Edition will be available on March 7


Well, without eating or drinking it, it reaches us all over our faces The Outer World: Spacer’s Choice Edition the new generation version of one of the best RPG of obsidian It will arrive next week, or I know we already have it here. The best way for new and established players to enjoy this exciting RPG.

There has never been a better chance to enjoy the award-winning RPG of Science fiction
of 2019, both for first-time players in intergalactic flights and for veterans
wanting to live it again. But keep reading and I’ll tell you right now what this new edition contains.

This is The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition

  • Graphics higher resolution 😀
  • weather system dynamic
  • Lighting and environments remodeled 😲
  • performance and loading times improved 😲
  • Details of the polished characters ✅
  • limit of level increased to 99 😀
  • Many more things await the adventurers who dare to tour the Halcyon conspiracy colony ✅

Everything included in the Spacer’s Choice Edition

  • Includes the base game The Outer Worlds
  • The two downloadable content items Murder on Eridanus and Danger in Gorgon
  • Visual and resolution improvements
  • If you already have the original you can update by €9.99
  • Available from 7 March by €59.99
  • will arrive for Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and pc


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