Sons of the Forest hits 2 million sales in first 24 hours!


Sons of the Forest Horror survival game Become one of the pages in the history of the production team. Endnight Let’s go When it was announced that after 24 hours of selling the game in Early Access, the game had hit the 2 million mark already. Which they do not miss to post thanks to the fans on Twitter.

In addition, the game also hasUp to 411,999 concurrent players on Steam which is more than a great hit game at the same time Hogwarts Legacy hit the same peak on Steam with 306,615 people. go meaningfully

Although comparing this number can’t measure anything. But it’s quite clear about the unexpected hit of Sons of the Forest that saw live images.

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is available now in Early Access on Steam at a price of 590 baht

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