Somsaksri HAIL Esports successfully won a ticket to PMSL


Make no mistake, HAIL Esports secured a ticket to the PMSL thanks to their excellent week 1 performance.
Even though VPE was chasing close behind, it was still unable to successfully overtake it.

2023 PMPL TH Spring Competition Has already ended after 20 leading teams across the country have come to fight for 2 full weeks from February 15-26, 2023.

in which the conclusions came out to appear all over the place The team that can win 1st place this season is HAIL Esports there
with scores including 388 points and grab WWCD goes 10 more times It can be called full of dignity and pride.

As for the other teams, they still perform very closely until the last day of the competition, whether Vampire Esports 2nd place or will be Bacon Time that got 3rd place anyway

And before we go on to talk about the next competition. PUBG MOBILE SUPER LEAGUE (PMSL) which is an international competition in the region South East Asia that will replace the original competition PUBG MOBILE South East Asia Championship Let’s recap things that happened during the 2 weeks of competition. 2023 PMPL TH Spring Let everyone know

In the 1st week of the competition Having said that, the dark horse team like HAIL Esports has done a great job Scored a total of 200 points in one team. It is also the first team to score 100 points ahead of any other team since Day 3, and is also attached by grabbing. WWCD arrive 8 chickens Excessively ahead of other teams as well

On the new team But full of experienced players like XERXIA Can do the work that is not inferior to each other Although the score is 69 points away from 1st place, they still firmly occupy the 2nd position in the points table.
The third place TEM Entertainment Still following closely with a total score of 150 points

As for the 4th place Vampire Esports Adjacent to neck-to-neck at 149 points, it still makes an interesting statistic. Because in the first week they didn’t grab WWCD once That means Most of the scores Vampire Esports That almost came from the points. Eliminations All at once

Later in the second week, the side of HAIL Esports Although there may be some form that has fallen But with scores from the very first week thus making it difficult for other teams to catch up But there is one team that still doesn’t give up. and play with the best of your abilities, that is Vampire Esports In this season, the army has been added fiercely.

which on the 4th day of the 2nd week Vampire Esports Team Chasing until the end of the footsteps Until the score is only 42 points apart Until making it on the last day of the competition They therefore have the right to compete for the first place in the score table with HAIL Esports successfully

and the conclusion that came out Well, as mentioned earlier. Team HAIL Esports is the side that wins over Vampire Esports possible, with the final score just within reach of 15 points.

As a result of these conclusions, it leads to HAIL Esports Get tickets to fly directly into the competition. PMSL which is about to be organized in no time, wait for it right away

even though the way Vampire Esports They may have lost their first place, but it was undeniable that each and every player on their team was exceptionally skilled, second to none.

In addition to VPE nOOzy will win the title of most valuable player of the season, both nOOzy and SchewepXz also won an individual award for sleeping and hugging more

Of course, a fun contest like this could never have happened. Without the kind supporters like True 5G PRO HUB The center of a new comprehensive digital hub that meets the needs of 3 lifestyles of the new generation. Gamer & E-Sports, Gen Z Life Style and Future Skills to support gamers from amateur level to professional level

The fierce battle of PUBG MOBILE The year 2023 has only just begun. The next station is PMSL Prepare to follow news and more details soon on various social media channels of PUBG MOBILE


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