Rome – The snow continues to give a breathtaking show in Lazio, a few days before the end of winter. As we learn from the Meteo Lazio web portal, the flakes have whitened the central-south of the region, covering the provinces of Rieti and Frosinone, but also Monte Livata and Cervara of Rome.

To fall from the sky, in the past few hours, it was also the rain that hit Rome in particular, a breath of fresh air from the drought problem that is gripping Italy and beyond (read here). In the capital in particular, it hadn’t rained for a month, with the Tiber almost dry. The hope is that the water cycle will return to what it once was. But this also depends on us.

✔️ Leonessa Vallunga Weather Station

✔️ Fontenova of Lioness

✔️ Fiamignano – Pro-Loco Fiamignano

✔️ Mount Guadagnolo

✔️ Monte Livata – Holidays in the Mountains

✔️ Campaegli Cervara of Rome

✔️ Viperella refuge – Campo Staffi

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