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The official site of the Manga Anime adaptation written and illustrated by Misaki Takamatsu, Skip to Loafer (Skip and Loafer), was published the second promotional video of the project. The video confirms that the end is scheduled for April 4, no Japan and reveals the theme songs, including Keina Suda which will feature the opening theme music “Mellow”, and Rikako Aida that will present the theme of confinement to music “Hanauta to Mawari Michi”.


  • Tomoyo Kurosawa like Mitsumi Iwakura.
  • Akinori Egoshi like Sousuke Shima.
  • Yuka Terasaki like Mika Egashira.
  • maaya uchida as Yuzuki Murashige.
  • megumi han as Makoto Kurume.


Iwakura Mitsumi always has big dreams: leaving his small town, entering a top-level university, and contributing to his country before settling in his hometown. She is so focused on her goal that she doesn’t realize all the other ways that she failed, much to the dismay and concern of her friends and family. A naive countrywoman can succeed in the big city, is this, in Tokyo?

More about:

Kotomi Deai (Natsume’s Book of Friends) is directing the Anime studios PAWORKS, inasmuch as he also writes and supervises the routers. manami umeshita (Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3) is responsible for character design and animation direction. Takatsugu Wakabayashi (Dragonar Academy) is in charge of compor a trilha sonora. takamatsu start publishing the Manga in the magazine Monthly Afternoons da editor kodansha in August 2018. Among his other works we can cite Canaria-tachi no Fune and Okaeri Aureoleboth already completed.



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