The first time that the singers Anny and Sixto Rein met was when the girl was only three years old.

At that time, “The original boy”, as he is also known, was hired to sing on the birthday of Anny’s older sister. “She was a fan of Sixto and that was the first time I met him and I liked his music,” said the young woman who is now 11 years old.

Together they presented the song “Un pasito” in a showcase, their first collaboration together. “It is a great honor for me to share with Anny, because when we met I did not think that we could meet at some point, let alone that we would do it so soon. A beautiful friendship consolidates us from this issue”, affirmed Sixto Rein.

The subject was born in Medellín, as he explained. “They made me the proposal and I accepted without hesitation because Anny is a very talented girl,” he said.

While the video clip of “A little step“, was directed by Mendoza Llopis, brother of the singer. “When we had everything ready, my mom proposed the idea to me and we all created it together and it is now available on my YouTube channel.”

The audiovisual was recorded outdoors in the Caracas parishes of La Vega and Caricuao. In the latter, a skateboard court was used, with dancers and some practitioners and experts of this sport.

For now, as they shared, they will focus on the launch and promotion of the topic not only in Venezuela, but also in other countries. This is the second song by Anny, who combines music with her studies.


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