Although his forte is composition (he has written songs for artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Prince Royce and Wisin), Silverio Lozada considered three years ago that he should return to his musical beginnings.

This is how joropo’s fusions were born, first with electronic music and in English (“Always on my Mind”) and a few days ago the launch of his new solo promo, “Volver”. This theme is a joropo trap that she interprets with her countryman isra.

About this strange mixture, the Güigüe native said that although it is hard to believe, “the joropo has a similarity, because the trap has a 3×4 compass and the joropo 4×4. If you have it, it works perfectly. ‘Volver’ is a somewhat daring proposal ».

Regarding his decision to launch himself as an interpreter (without leaving the composition), the admirer of Ali Primera said that he was born out of questioning himself «what am I going to leave to the generation that comes after me. To my son. My heart was not full. Going back to my beginnings gave me incredible satisfaction. I also wanted something that would represent me and my culture and that I would be able to defend it”.

He assured that he was surprised by the reception that these two songs have had. «I am a music lover. I like rock and alternative music, but joropo has allowed me to find an interesting niche. I hope young artists are encouraged to make joropo trap ».
Parallel to this, Silverio Lozada is about to inaugurate a movie theater that he is preparing in Güigüe, “the first that my town will have.”


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