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Shattered Heaven, the strategic card battle roguelite, has revealed a new trailer with new information about the plot and the game world. The latest creation from Leonardo Production, formed by the developers of Dry Drowning, also has a free demo available on Steam

Milan, Italy, February 28, 2023 – Italian publisher Leonardo Interactive is pleased to announce that its upcoming release, Shattered Heaven (trailer, press kit, Steam), the strategic card battle roguelite and RPG mechanics, will debut on PC on April 19, 2023. Visually influenced by Lovecraft and developed by members of the team behind the acclaimed investigative visual novel Dry Drowning, this new production aims to keep alive the studio’s bleak and mature narrative.

Just weeks before launch, Shattered Heaven features a new trailer which reveals new information about the plot, which is of great importance in defining the universe of the game. The new video shows an abandoned world, suspended in time and entombed in ashes, where humanity, guilty of having betrayed God and causing his fall, is cursed and forced to feed on what the earth, now hostile and sterile, has to offer. In this nameless world, four factions are destined to fight for survival, offering a vestal as a sacrifice in a bloody and cruel ritual known as the Ascension War. An adventure enriched by multi-faceted characters, with deep and inclusive theme motivations and stories, sure to win the hearts of players who will join them on this divine quest.

The complex and intense plot is not the only outstanding feature of Shattered Heaven: a mix of genres and gameplay deeply thought out builds hype and plays a pivotal role in the game. During the exploration of intricate dungeonsit will be possible to take control of a team composed of three different characterseach with a self-contained deck of cards and unique abilities, which will help make the gaming experience varied and customizable according to the tastes of the players. Also, there is a character development system in perfect RPG style. Lastly, the roguelite nature of the title makes every game different, adding great replay value to the adventure.

As April 19 rolls around, a sneak peek at Shattered Heaven is now available on Steam thanks to a free demo. Although it only shows a little of the experience, you can already see the depth of this made-in-Italy gem. And with these premises, the studio invites all fans of the deckbuilder and RPG genres to add the game to the wish list.


Leonardo Interactive is an award-winning video game publisher based in Rome that has a wide range of productions and publications available on all major platforms. Dedicated to both digital and physical distribution, Leonardo Interactive has racked up a string of hits like Dry Drowning and Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town. His upcoming releases are Temperia: Soul of Majestic, Shattered Heaven, Simon The Sorcerer Origins, and Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle.


Inspiration born from the passion for storytelling is what drives Leonardo Interactive to establish its first self-development studio: Leonardo Production, an Italian studio focused on games with an important narrative component that mix elements of RPG, roguelites, dungeon crawlers and cards to create unique experiences. and that have great artistic and musical production values. The core of the original studio was established in 2016, with its first title “Dry Drowning”, an award-winning dystopian detective story with a complex, branching narrative. The evolution and sum of all these elements materializes in Shattered Heaven, the first self-produced project of the recently founded Leonardo Production studio.

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