Shakira’s last months can be described as intense. The Colombian singer does not stop monopolizing centimeters in the press thanks to her songs and now she does it with her forceful statements. After her separation from Gerard Piqué, the famous woman did not want to talk to the media about the reasons behind her breakup and the recurring theme in her latest songs: heartbreak.

After the release of her most recent collaboration with Karol G, it turned out that Shakira gave her first interview for Televisa, a meeting with Enrique Acevedo.

According to the first video that they used to anticipate what is coming in the interview, “there is a place reserved in hell for those women who do not support others,” can be seen in the clip.

Likewise, the Colombian revealed that it was one of her two sons who asked her to collaborate with Bizarrap, so when the musician wrote to her, she showed the message to her little Milan, and she immediately knew that it was a good project.

«Mommy, you have to do something with Bizarrap, who is the Argentine God. And I tell him: ‘Look Milan, look who has written to me.’ And he was Bizarrap », related Shakira,

The truth in their songs

To tell the truth, “I congratulate you”, “Monotony”“Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53” and “TQG” have revealed more than a thousand confessions in an interview.

On the other hand, they would also have talked about the projects that are coming for the interpreter of “Eyes like that” where she assured, without fear of what will come, that she is prepared for the situations that she has to go through in her life and in her career. “I’m ready for the next round… Let life come and show me what else is there,” she asserted.


“TQG” is Shakira’s latest release and the closure of her sentimental situation; therefore, there will be no more songs dedicated to the former soccer player.

“Shakira told me: ‘Karol, I know you want to release your album.’ I was going to release my album last year, she asked me that the process was like this: ‘I congratulate you’, ‘Monotonía’, Bizarrap and that she wanted to close that cycle with that song from ‘TQG’ and she was so honest, we talked about life. She in a certain way, she lived her moment differently from how I had lived it, I wanted to be completely away from the situation, she wanted to express it, she wanted to heal it that way, “said the interpreter of «Bichota» in an interview with the Excelsior portal.

«When I called her, she went crazy with the song, she loved it. She told me about the song she had with Bizarrap and it was very crazy for me because when he showed it to me, I went crazy, with all the theme, with the lyrics, with everything,” she said.


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