Seven criminals killed in Miranda


A total of seven members of criminal groups were killed during the last hours in military procedures carried out in Miranda state, according to military sources.

Three of the seven killed were members of the criminal organization El Julián, this being one of the dead and identified as Johan José Espinoza Benítez. The identity of the other two is in the process of verification.

This confrontation took place in the Súcuta sector, Tomás Lander municipality (Ocumare del Tuy), Miranda state, where they also seized three 12-gauge shotguns, two of them Mossberg brand, and seven cartridges of the same caliber, according to a report from Detachment 442 of the Bolivarian National Guard. .

Prior to this procedure, the military detained two members of the El Julián gang, registered as Franklin Daniel Zambrano Aguilar (Danielito) and Vicente José Zambrano Pérez (Joseito Peluca), who were traveling through the Mirandino sector of Casuapa, Ocumare del Tuy.

Twenty 7.62 X 39 mm caliber cartridges destined for rifles were seized from the detainees.

In that same sector of Ocumare del Tuy, there was another confrontation with members of the group founded by Deiber Johan González (Carlos Capa), where Antonio José Ramírez Herrera (Toñín) was killed, who at the moment fired a 12-gauge shotgun, which was left seized.

And in the La Guairita sector, San José de Barlovento (Miranda), the military confronted members of the Las Delicias criminal group, specialized in robbing passengers by placing obstacles on trunk 9.

In this procedure, alias El Kike, who was allegedly involved in the deaths of the sergeant of the National Anti-extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas) Eduardo Pérez Sangroniz, was killed; the officer of the Bolivarian National Police Ismael Burguillos; Commissioner (Cicpc) Eduardo Henríquez, head of the Caucagua Delegation and two women whose corpses were dismembered, events that occurred between 2021 and 2022, according to records.

Kike was carrying a 9 mm pistol, Glock brand, model 17, and two telephone sets.

Regarding the Las Delicias organization, military personnel located a camp made up of three sentry boxes belonging to that group, located in the La Montañita sector, San José de Barlovento. The military agents proceeded to destroy it.

Two other deaths were recorded in the 5 de Julio sector, Acevedo municipality (Caucagua), Miranda state, where the military had a confrontation with aliases El Jhoanny Tres Estrellas and another to be identified, who were members of the criminal group El Ñema.

The subjects confronted the military with two 12-gauge shotguns that were later confiscated.

Also in Zulia, GNB agents killed a member of a criminal organization, an event that occurred in La Guajira, La Cañada de Urdaneta municipality.

In this case, the deceased is identified as Ender José Hinestroza Petit, a member of the “El JL” group and who possessed a 9mm caliber pistol, Lorcin brand, with no visible serial numbers.

The Public Ministry was informed of the proceedings.


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