Secretary-General of the Party Tham, looking at 10 years of peace talks in the southern border without ‘people in the area’ it will be difficult to find peace.


Today (February 27), Kanvee Suebsaeng, secretary-general of Thamma Party Discussing the progress of the peace process in the southern border provinces, which will be 10 years old on February 28. From following up on the results of the latest talks of the Southern Border Provinces Peace Talking Group, led by Gen. Wanlop Raksanoh, head of the Thai talks group. Press conference on the results of the talks with the National Revolutionary Front (Barisan Revolusi Nasional-BRN).

Kanvee revealed that From the synthesis, it was seen that both Thailand and BRN had agreed that the participation of all sectors Or every stakeholder is very important, but at present, there is not even ‘participation model doll’ in mind, which would make the participation of all sectors which is likened to the core of peace building cannot be carried out or it’s probably very slow

“If compared to the human body, it is cardiac arrest causing the blood flow to stop completely Then how can that body be able to live?” said Kanvee.

Kanvee went on to say that building peace in the southern border provinces It has not been able to effectively implement the important cycle of protecting civilians in the area. If compared to the human body, it’s like ‘Kidney failure’ that the Thai peacekeeping system is still unable to excrete waste from the body.

“Over 7,000 lives were lost, nearly 30,000 people in the area were injured. This does not include property damage. and the hearts of the people are depressed. unable to return to live a normal, happy life,” Kanvee said.

Kanvee said that He looked back at his life in South Sudan and Sudan (North) over 6 years working with peace building in these two countries. I realize that internationally Every mission he gave importance to. The ‘Protection of Civilians’ (POC) is essentially the core mandate of the peacekeeping force, which requires all sectors to respect this international protection with the utmost respect.

“There is a comprehensive process. Coordination from all sectors And must complete the plan together with the stakeholders first. In fact, this POC is the host state’s primary duty to provide international protection to all civilians. But this country Low coverage capacity It is therefore imperative to appeal to the United Nations international mechanisms. by the peacekeeping force in conjunction with humanitarian work performed instead Humanitarian principles must be included in the important scriptures,” Kanvee said.

Kanvee also saw that the number of civilians affected in Patani or the southern border provinces of Thailand is large. Does it mean that Thailand does not have the capacity and/or efficiency to provide protection to its own civilians?

“If as Gen. Wanlop informed during the press conference that If anyone has any models to offer, they can offer them. I’m glad that you are both smart and open-minded. But I’m just afraid that the government can accept it or not,” said Kanvee.

Kanvee confirmed that even though it is a new political party but aims to work in politics in the southern border provinces Therefore, we agree with civil society that political parties will play an important role in raising the issue as a national agenda to the parliament. Have the people involved at the negotiating table, not just the two sides holding the military. and abolish special laws that are significant obstacles, such as the Emergency Decree and Martial Law.


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